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Lake County Tax Sale

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Over 1,050 Recommended Properties to Choose From!

Our listings include vacant lots, residential housing, agricultural, apartments, condos, multi units, and commercial properties.

Some properties contain multiple Property ID #s that make up one property. ie: John Smith has three separate Property ID #s for his entire property. He is paid current on the taxes for the property with the house on it but became delinquent on the other properties around the house. The vacant delinquent properties will be in the tax sale but the house will not be. Our listings only include the properties that have all of the property ID #s together in the tax sale.

Locating Properties Can Be Confusing!

We take the guess work out of researching tax sales by doing the work for you. New buyers can easily make mistakes buying in the tax sale on their own.

Most vacant properties share an address with the nearest structure to it. These vacant properties can be anything from a back yard, a detached garage, land locked lot, a ditch, or a section of a parking lot. All properties have been thoroughly researched which gives you the ease of knowing your making a good investment.

Your Time
Is Valuable!

The tax sale list is lengthy with over 7,000 delinquent properties this year. Researching takes time and we understand not everyone has the long hours needed to spend doing it.

With our listings you can quickly search for the type of property you are looking for. We spent the time researching so you can have a fast and enjoyable experience looking for a new investment property.